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Are thicker neodymium magnets stronger?

Not exactly, Under the same circumstances and with the same type of magnet with the same diameter, the thicker the magnet, the more magnetic it will be. However, the magnetic force does not increase indefinitely when the thickness of the magnet is increased, but when the thickness of the magnet reaches a certain threshold, there is no increase. In other words, when the thickness is increased to saturation, the magnetic force will not increase. This saturation state is related to the magnet's diameter, shape and material.


For magnets of the same size, material and performance, the thickness of the magnet increases and there is a certain limit to how strong the magnet can be, and it should have a larger diameter of the magnet. Therefore, a better magnetic force can be achieved not just by increasing the thickness.



If we have two magnets made of the same material and magnetised in the same way, but one magnet is thicker than the other, then the thicker magnet will be more powerful, while the thickness of the magnet will not be enhanced much up to a certain threshold.


For example: compared with a 1-inch thick magnet, a 2-inch thick magnet is stronger. However, when comparing a 10-inch thick magnet with an 11-inch thick magnet (of the same thickness), along the same direction (object facing forward), the 11-inch magnet is only a little stronger than the 10-inch magnet, and this increase is not proportional.


If one magnet is thicker than the other, but the other magnet instead has a higher Gauss value, then this means that the materials used for them are different.


In addition, if the two magnets are made by the same material, then one is more magnetised than the other. But in any case, the reading obtained at a point in space is determined by the flux density B etc. inside the magnet, so to get this reading, the whole volume of the magnet must already be taken into account, which means that nothing can make the material stronger except by doing something to it, such as applying a stronger magnetic field to magnetise it, or adding more material to the volume of the magnet at the same level of magnetisation, making it stronger.


Some materials have higher Remanence, so they can make stronger magnets. A stronger magnet can be smaller than a weaker magnet and have the same pulling power.


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