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Why is the price of neodymium magnet uncertain?

So what are the factors that affect its processing cost?
The first is affected by the market, the price of rare metals is rising all the way, the price of raw materials fluctuates, and we can't give customers the best quotation in a short time.
The second is that the customized specifications that customers need are different, and the prices are also very different.
Generally speaking, NdFeB is strong
 Performance requirements-the higher the performance requirements, the higher the cost. For example, the price of N45 magnets is much higher than the price of N35, sometimes even several times the price.
   Batch size-the smaller the batch size, the higher the processing cost;
Specifications and shapes-the more complex the shape, the higher the processing cost;
Tolerance size-the tighter the tolerance, the higher the processing cost.
   At present, the series of NdFeB magnets sold by our company have been widely used in high-tech fields such as electro-acoustics, motors, speakers, magnetic therapy, magnetic levitation, hardware and plastics, electronic appliances, electric vehicles, wind power generation, aerospace technology and so on.
    Xiamen everbeen magnet product advantages:
   1. Perfect product performance. N35~N52, temperature: -40°~230°, grades: N, M, H, SH, UH, EH, VH, etc.
  2. Product specifications (shapes) are complete. It can produce round, ring, square, trapezoidal and other conventional shapes from φ1 to φ150, and can also produce special-shaped products such as tile, fan, diamond, cone, T-shaped and other special-shaped products according to the needs of different industries.
3. The surface can be treated according to the different needs of customers and the working environment of the product: galvanized (ZN), nickel-plated copper-nickel (NCN), nickel-plated (Ni), gold-plated (AN), copper-plated (CU) , Epoxy, etc. Products are in compliance with the ROHS, REACH and other safety certifications of the authority SGS.
   hope that through our continuous summary of experience, strict control of product quality and delivery accuracy, with the lowest total cost, a sustainable cooperation model, to help our customers achieve the greatest need to meet, thereby creating a win-win situation!

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