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What is the difference between a soft neodymium magnet and a hard neodymium magnet?

Some friends may have heard about soft magnets and hard magnets, but they are not very clear. Today, Xiamen everbeen magnet manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction. I believe you will understand after reading it.
   What is a soft magnet? What is a hard magnet again?
According to the difficulty of demagnetization after magnetization, magnetic materials can be divided into soft magnetic materials and hard magnetic materials. The material that is easy to remove magnetism after magnetization is called soft magnetic material. Of course, this kind of material is also extremely easy to demagnetize. Materials that are not easy to demagnetize are called hard magnetic materials. Generally, the remanence of soft magnets is small, and the remanence of hard magnets is large.
   What are the main soft magnets? In what areas is it used more?
   Soft magnets mainly include soft magnetic cores and silicon steel sheets. Soft magnets are widely used as the passage of magnetic lines of force, that is, as a magnetic conductive material. For example, transformers, sensor cores, magnetic shields, switching power supplies, displays, filters, special magnetic circuit yokes, etc.
   What are the main hard magnets? Main application area?
   Hard magnets are mainly materials such as nickel cobalt, samarium cobalt, neodymium iron boron and iron oxide. Mainly used in electrical machinery, electrical appliances, electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, smart home and other fields.
   What is the difference between a soft magnet and a hard (permanent) magnet?
   1. Different names. Hard magnets are generally called permanent magnets, and soft magnets are called magnetic cores.
   2. The difference between remanence. Hard magnetism has remanence, soft magnetism has very little remanence.
   3. The difference in usage. After the soft magnet is powered off, the magnetism will disappear immediately. After the hard magnetic material is powered off, a part of the magnetism will remain, and the iron core will become a magnetic field, and it may be a magnetic field that changes its direction. In this way, the transformer becomes a generator. Electrical appliances cause damage, so this is why power transformers use soft magnets instead of hard magnets.
   The above is about the difference between soft magnets and hard magnets. Have you solved your doubts?

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