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Properties of neodymium magnets and their relationship with temperature

Method of increasing ndFeb magnetism
First of all, from the point of view of the magnet itself, the ndFeb magnet to increase its magnetism, unless it is not saturated magnetic, or because in the process of use by various factors (intense vibration, current, temperature) the effect of demagnetization, it is not possible to increase the magnetism.
Ways to increase magnetism:
1. In a very simple way, a magnet can be remagnetized to a state of saturation.
2. Magnetic circuit design focuses magnetic flux on the yoke to produce strong suction.
3. The method of concentrating magnetic field lines can be adopted to attract a magnetic iron plate on the magnet, and a higher magnetic field will be generated on the edges and corners of the magnetic plate.
4. When the magnetic force is not enough, an iron plate can be added to the other wall of the magnet to strengthen the magnetic force.
Relationship between performance of NdFeb magnet and temperature
There are many factors that affect the performance of ndFeb magnets. To a large extent, these factors will directly affect the performance of NdFEB magnets. Therefore, during the daily maintenance of strong magnets, the following factors should be paid attention to.
Temperature is one of the most important factors affecting the strength of magnets. Temperature rising, powerful magnet magnetic will greatly the weaker, leading to a strong magnet magnetic field is relatively weaker, powerful magnet performance at high temperatures is relationship is inversely proportional to the temperature, temperature affects the magnet magnetic main reason is that under the influence of temperature, the electrons within the magnet ability will increase, lead to many electron from the nucleus of constraints, leading to do have fewer rules of electronic telecontrol, so as to make the magnet magnetic disappear part.

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