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Small neodymium magnet

Small magnets, also called mini magnets, small magnets. Usually, the commonly used material for small magnets is sintered neodymium iron boron. Because of the small size, the strongest rare earth neodymium iron boron must be used for a certain attraction, otherwise ferrite is basically used. It can't achieve the effect. It is mainly used in some precision electronic products, optics, smart homes, etc. The main shape is round, mostly square.
Magnets of more than 10 mm can also be called small magnets, and magnets of 1-2 mm can also be called small magnets. Generally, neodymium-iron-boron magnets from magnet manufacturers can be processed to a diameter of 1mm and a thickness of 0.5mm.
So how much is the price of a strong magnet?
å…‰ççƒ2     The price of strong magnets is really not like other products. There is a clear price. There are many factors that affect the price of magnets, such as the performance you need, the quantity, parameters, specifications, plating, delivery, and the price of raw materials. Rise situation.
     The frantically rising magnet prices have brought considerable shock to the NdFeB strong magnet market. When the price of NdFeB strong magnets has soared, on the one hand, it has brought substantial performance to NdFeB magnet manufacturers, and there are also many The NdFeB magnet factory made a fortune by taking advantage of the difference in material prices. On the other hand, the situation of skyrocketing prices has caused a certain degree of inflation in the market. Inflation is bound to appear in 2012, and its price has returned to its original starting point.
     What are the factors that affect the price of magnets?
     1. That is to say, the raw materials of magnets have risen. The higher the performance requirements, the higher the cost. For example, the price of N45 is much higher than that of N35.
     2. Processing cost. The more complex the shape, the higher the processing cost; the stricter the tolerance, the higher the processing cost; the smaller the batch, the higher the processing cost.
     Recently, the price of magnet raw materials has been increasing. One of the reasons is that the country’s policies have not been able to keep up with the market’s development needs, and the market development has become out of balance, thus allowing speculators to speculate. "The new policy. Local governments actively responded and implemented it. For this reason, the new policy supports the maintenance of the price of magnets. The second is due to the launch of new energy, energy-saving markets, and new energy-saving vehicles. The invention and launch of new energy vehicles have brought huge impact to this industry. Therefore, technological innovation has also largely affected the magnet market.
     How is the price of a magnet calculated?
     Since the price of raw materials fluctuates every day, it is calculated comprehensively from the price of raw materials, processing costs, management fees, packaging fees, etc. Therefore, without corresponding specifications and specific requirements, it is difficult to give a price.
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