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What are the effects of neodymium magnet oxidation?

Rare earth ndfeb we all quite understand, choose it is the most important reason is magnetic super strong, but easy corrosion oxidation is its short board, some netizens will ask, the ndFEB strong magnetic magnet oxidation has what effect, such as magnetism?
This is mainly divided into long-term and short-term, short term ndfeb strong magnet rust is not what effect on the magnetic force, so a small number of customers on the magnet requirements are not so high, do not want surface treatment.
In the long run, when the plating is damaged and the inner part is oxidized, its magnetism will be weakened and weakened.
Ndfeb ring type magnet
To sum up, the ned-Fe-B magnet oxidation will not affect its magnetism in the short term. In the long run, it will weaken the magnetism. Moreover, if the Ned-Fe-B magnet is exposed, it will oxidize its appearance.
Usually, the NdFeb is usually galvanized or nickel-plated. Galvanized is a cost-effective choice, and nickel plating is better than it. Some ndFeb magnets used in water are often coated with epoxy resin.
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At present, the ndFeb magnet series products sold by our company have been widely used in electroacoustic, motor, horn, magnetic therapy, magnetic levitation, hardware plastic, electronic appliances, electric vehicles, wind power generation, aerospace technology and other high-tech fields.
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1. Perfect product performance. N35~N52, temperature: -40°~230°, brands: N, M, H, SH, UH, EH, VH, etc.
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3. According to customers' different needs and the requirements of the product's working environment, we can deal with the surface: zinc (ZN), nickel copper nickel (NCN), nickel (Ni), gold (AN), copper (CU), Epoxy, etc. The products are in line with the authoritative SGS ROHS, REACH and other safety certification.

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