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Is the performance of N52 and N54 neodymium magnets unstable?

Under normal circumstances, the magnetism is very stable, because the magnetism comes from the atomic level and is basically not weakened.
The main reasons for the weakening of magnetic materials are:
1. The influence of temperature. Especially above the Curie temperature, the material will change from ferromagnetic to paramagnetic.
2. Apply a magnetic field. Reverse magnetic field or alternating magnetic field, an important means of degaussing is alternating magnetic field.
3. Vibration shock.
4. The magnetic materials are oxidized, rusted and corroded.
If it is only attracted to the iron for a long time without the influence of temperature and external field, it can basically be considered that the magnetism does not attenuate.
  N52 and N54 are a type of strong magnets, said (N52 grade) is the highest performance magnet in sintered neodymium iron boron (at this stage). Magnets also have their specific decline. The specific application is used for suction fixation on the adsorbed iron surface, and generally does not have a big impact. Strong magnets have higher requirements for temperature, and generally the use temperature of strong magnets is below 80 degrees Celsius. When it reaches or exceeds 80 degrees Celsius, its magnetism will demagnetize obviously, or it can be completely demagnetized.
For conventional magnets, we generally customize the largest grade to N50, and try to increase the thickness and size to make the required magnetic force larger. However, N52 and N54 will change their characteristics and performance as the temperature changes during the customization process, so there is a kind of The argument is that we try to customize the magnets of N52 and N54 grades in winter instead of summer to ensure the balance and stability of their performance.

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