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Magnetism of fracture surface of neodymium magnet after fracture?

No matter in our daily production of magnet manufacturers, or in our daily life, we often encounter the situation of magnets being broken, when the bar magnet broke, it will become two bar magnets; A ring magnet becomes two half ring magnets when broken, and a round magnet becomes two half circle magnets when broken.
So what about the magnetism on the surface of the fracture when the magnet is broken?
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About the problem of magnetism after the magnet is broken, some people often argue and discuss on the network, the argument is different. Some said that the magnetic fracture surface at the opposite, some said that the magnetic fracture surface at the same, with this problem, the magnet manufacturer found a variety of magnets to do the experiment, the results show that the bar magnet after the fracture surface of the magnetic opposite (that is, the appearance of a magnetic pole), the two fault surface is attracted to each other, it is easy to connect together; After the ring and circular magnets break, the fracture surface is mutually repulsive, and it is difficult to press the two together, even if hard to put them together, as soon as the hand is released, they will push each other away, and one of them will reverse immediately, the fracture surface appears to be the same name magnetic pole.
For bar or horseshoe magnet and final fracture of magnetic is a synonym for easy to understand, the rules of the magnet can be treated as multiple small needle arrangement (i.e. between adjacent small needle through different name poles attract each other together, said by ampere magnetic origins - molecular current hypothesis), broken magnet is equivalent to somewhere separate small needle, separate after, two magnetic pole is still a different name, namely split in different magnetic pole, the rest on both ends of the magnetic remains the same

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