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neodymium magnet neodymiummagnets

neodymium magnet neodymiummagnets

The magnetic navigation sensor technology uses the magnetic field characteristics of the magnetic field nail to study the magnetic signal detection, the relative motion between the vehicle and the magnetic cylinder. Simulating on-the-spot vehicle track nail navigation on this platform, the automatic driving design of the vehicle's linear motion, S-shaped motion and acceleration and other sports modes, and writing software programs to achieve functional requirements

Design Principle 

Through a large number of field tests, the magnetic induction strength of magnetic cylinders of different materials and shapes is measured, and the change of the magnetic signal is observed by changing the vertical distance between the magnetic sensor and the surface of the magnetic nail. Studying the influence of magnetic nails on the design of magnetic sensors through the analysis of data Magnetic navigation sensors, as an important device for signal detection in magnetic navigation automatic driving systems, play a vital role in this system.

After testing and comparison analysis, the magnetic navigation sensor's detection accuracy, anti-interference performance, and economic cost have been greatly improved, which can be more conveniently applied to the magnetic navigation automatic driving system. The application of the two-dimensional sensor in the magnetic navigation automatic driving system.

However, in daily use, the quality of the magnetic strip(flexible magnetic strip), the process problems during laying, and the presence of a magnetic field in the factory can affect the judgment of the magnetic navigation sensor.

Application field

Mainly used in magnetic strip navigation mode automatic guided vehicle AGV, automatic trolley AGC, trackless mobile shelves, logistics picking, smart cars and so on.

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