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The Flexible Magnetic Strip

The rubber magnetic strip is a kind of magnetic strip, which is mainly used in the door seal rubber sleeves of refrigerators, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, doors and windows, etc., because of its moderate suction force, combined with the plastic sleeve to form a door seal, the sealing performance is good, and the temperature is adapted. Wide range, easy to open and durable, it is widely used in various industries.

Composition structure of Rubber Magnet

The main material components of rubber magnetic strips are currently: 85%~92% ±΅(οΘ) ferrite magnetic powder, 5%~9% CPE. The shape, the magnetic pole and the suction force are different from each other to form a different shape and characteristic model, and the more is a single-sided multi-pole flat form. Generally it is supplied ad a roll or sheet. That is Magnetic Roll or magnetic sheet.

Production Process

Raw material inspection - ingredients - mixing - opening (compacting) - extrusion - magnetization - winding - inspection - packaging

Application field

Mainly used in:

1. For the door seal of the refrigerator, it is required to withstand low temperature.

2. Used in heat-resistant door seals such as disinfection cabinets.

3. Used in door seals such as wine cabinets.

4, used in the door seal of the whole bathroom facilities, sauna room.

5. Used for sealing such as screens.

6. Motor magnetic strip

7. Advertisement Industry

8. Stationary

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