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Can a powerful NdFeB magnet be 300mm?

As a functional product, magnets generally need to be customized to meet the magnetic requirements of their products, so what are the specifications of NdFeB magnets?
What is the maximum size of the Everbbeen NdFeB magnet?
Recently, there is a diving salvage company project: Can your magnet diameter be 30mm? This is completely ok.
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So can the NdFeB magnet be 300mm?
In general, it is ok to make a strong magnet of NdFeB for more than 200 mm. A colleague has contacted a customer who wants a ring of NdFeB, which is more than 220 OD. Not too much, maybe a few or a dozen. A 300mm strong neodymium iron boron magnet can't be done. One does not have such a large mold, and the second magnet is more fragile and not well magnetized.
High-temperature demagnetization of sintered NdFeB magnets
The high-temperature demagnetization problem of Everbbeen sintered NdFeB magnets is well known, and the combination of cost and performance from sintered NdFeB magnets makes them a popular choice for the use of traditional magnets and the creation of new product applications, which have dramatically increased in existing strength. The case allows the use of a smaller magnet that is advantageous for most designs.
The processing procedure of sintered NdFeB magnets at high temperatures requires care because sintered NdFeB magnets are prone to demagnetization at high temperatures. The following Xing Chuang will work with you to understand the high temperature demagnetization problem of sintered iron boron magnets. Since the sintered NdFeB magnets have a high content of barium iron, they are also easily oxidized. Therefore, various coatings satisfying these conditions depend on the operating environment of the sintered NdFeB magnets.
Everbeen U-shaped magnet
Standard configuration: In general, Everbbeen sintered NdFeB magnets are divided into two main column lists: discs and blocks.
The strength of these magnets requires careful handling. Small magnets attract, from a distance and large magnets, can cause pain and even break when damaged.
The new disc cylinder is called the "disc" and is generally marked by a height magnet with a diameter of the first cylinder, usually a tall cylindrical diameter.
The new straight line is called a rectangular or square section with a variety of thickness options. Rare earth lanthanum cobalt bismuth (NdFeB) is an alternative, as samarium cobalt magnets can withstand higher temperatures, more corrosion resistant, and īĻIron and boron are comparable.
Strontium cobalt is more expensive than NdFeB, which is more sensitive to market prices. Samarium cobalt is used in computer disk drives, sensors, traveling wave tubes, linear actuators, satellite systems and some motors.

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