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What's the difference? 10 years experience of NdFeB magnet manufacturers for your analysis

When many people buy magnets, they think that the magnets are magnetic steels. There is no difference. The NdFeB magnet manufacturers explain the difference between the two.

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In fact, in the industry, ferrite is usually called "magnet steel", and neodymium iron boron is called "magnet" or "strong magnetic". The magnetic force of neodymium iron boron is more than three times that of ferrite, but it is resistant. The temperature above the NdFeB is not comparable to that of the ferrite. The temperature resistance of the ferrite is 7 times that of the ordinary NdFeB. Therefore, everyone must use the NdFeB magnet manufacturer to explain the use and whether it needs high temperature resistance. In this way, you can buy a suitable magnetic material.

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Magnets, magnets, magnets, magnets, magnets, etc. are called "magnet" in English, and they are mainly classified magnetically. Generally speaking, the magnet changes with time, temperature, radiation, vibration, etc., especially when the working temperature is close to the Curie temperature, the magnet will demagnetize or weaken rapidly, but if it is used under normal environment, the magnetic will not What happens? Otherwise, it will not be called a "permanent magnet."

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The above is a little knowledge of the small series of NdFeB magnet manufacturers for everyone, if you need to know more, please continue to pay attention!

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