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Samarium-cobalt magnets and NdFeB are widely used in health care

Samarium-cobalt magnets and neodymium-iron-boron magnets are high-tech materials for the National 863 Engineering Project, and are among the high-end materials among rare earth materials. In the medical field, samarium cobalt magnets and neodymium iron boron magnets are widely used in physical magnetic therapy. Ordinary magnets use traditional magnetic therapy, but the magnetic effect is not prominent, so it has not been paid attention to in the medical field. Since the development of NdFeB and SmCo magnetic ore in the National 863 Program, its excellent magnetic properties have produced a bio magnetic field that simulates the magnetic field characteristics of the human body, making NdFeB widely used in the medical field. Compared with the traditional magnetic effect, the effect is more prominent, and the performance is more stable and outstanding! Acting on the human body can correct the magnetic field of the human body, and enhance the bio-electromagnetic energy of the human meridian to promote the operation of the gas, thereby reaching the meridians, increasing the blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain, reducing the excitability of the peripheral nerves of the cerebral cortex, and increasing the lungs. The spleen, liver, and perianal organs and local blood supply and oxygen supply promote local blood circulation, and venous blood reflux, reduce capillary permeability, promote absorption and dissipation of inflammation, and promote bone and joint tissue metabolism. Hypnosis, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, calming, promoting blood circulation and eliminating anxiety. Often used for physical therapy of a variety of diseases.
1. Nervous system diseases: such as insomnia, neurasthenia, headaches, etc.
2. Osteoarticular and muscular system diseases: cervical spondylosis, bone hyperplasia, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, intervertebral disc herniation, etc.
3. Others: high blood pressure, insufficient blood supply to the brain, slow blood flow to the brain, cerebral infarction, bronchitis, asthma, hemorrhoids, constipation and other systemic diseases, as well as pain and numbness caused by these diseases.

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