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What are the advantages of strong magnet compare to ordinary magnets?

Many customers have such a doubt in choosing a magnet, that is, what kind of magnet should I choose, choose a neodymium iron boron strong magnet or a ferrite magnet? What is the difference between a strong magnet and a normal magnet?

What are the advantages of NdFeB magnets?

Strong magnets Strong magnetic force: NdFeB magnet is the strongest magnet material at present, which is many times stronger than ordinary magnets. Generally, workers who install these powerful magnets must be careful to avoid injury, which shows how strong the magnetic force is.

The powerful magnet is easy to process the special shape: the magnet can be pierced, slotted and cut without opening the mold.

Hard magnets are hard: strong magnets add density to rare elements and are much harder than ordinary magnets.

High precision magnets: The tolerance of powerful magnets can be as high as ±0.05 or even lower, and ferrites are generally difficult to achieve.

Powerful magnets cost-effective: The value of powerful magnets is higher than that of ordinary magnets in all aspects. Its strong magnetic force, stable resistance, temperature resistance, tolerance accuracy, etc. are all advantages of strong magnets, so The price is slightly higher than ordinary magnets. Whether it is low, medium or high, this kind of powerful magnet is the main one.

How to choose between ordinary magnets and powerful magnets?

If the customer's magnetic requirements for the magnet are not as strong, the price requirement is lower and the ferrite can be selected. On the other hand, if the magnetic force of the magnet is required to be high, the shape of the magnet to be required is relatively complicated, and the like, it is possible to select NdFeB.

The most obvious difference between ordinary magnets and powerful magnets: ordinary magnets are black magnets (no need for electroplating), magnetic properties are weak; strong magnets are white magnets, and magnetic properties are relatively strong.

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