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NdFeB neodymium magnet operation note

Neodymium magnet Magnets are very fragile and can cause danger or damage. Be sure to read these instructions before handling a magnet.
We are very afraid to deal with your personal injury or loss caused by the magnet.
Will not deal with damages caused by product unpacking.
Broken magnet sample

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Please be sure to confirm if there is any abnormality when the product arrives before unsealing.
It is very troublesome for you. When the product arrives, please confirm whether the appearance of the bale is abnormally damaged. If the outer packaging is damaged due to an accident during transportation, the product inside may be damaged.
If you find that the package is damaged or not, please do not open the package. Please contact the unit responsible for the delivery immediately. (The package is part of the product. If there is any abnormality, please do not peel it off.)
People who install medical devices such as pacemakers or electronic medical devices must stay away from magnets
If you accidentally swallow the magnet, it may endanger people's lives.
Because the swallowed magnet stays in the body, it may take a laparotomy. If you swallow, please seek medical advice immediately, please follow the doctor's instructions.
Do not place the magnet in a place that children can reach
Because the child may have the possibility of swallowing a magnet in an unsupervised situation, place the magnet away from the child.
The magnet and the sorbent are close together, which may pinch the child's face and skin.
Points to note about the handling of magnets
The magnet is hard and brittle, so when it is used in the case of vibration, impact, etc., there may be breakage, shedding, etc. If used for such purposes, please pay attention to the design, even if the magnet breaks, it will not fall off.
If the magnets are attracted to each other, they may not be separated depending on the shape.
If the magnet is placed easily, the magnet will attract the surrounding metal material and pose a danger.
Please do not let the magnet close to the picture tube. This will cause the picture tube to change color.
Please do not put mobile phones, analog watches, floppy disks, magnetic cards, tapes, tickets near the magnet. It may affect or even destroy the recorded data.
Suction can not be separated
If you want to separate the absorbing magnet, please slide it in different directions. Compare other methods and separate it with weak force. You can refer to the following operations:
Effective way to prevent early magnet rust
Please don't put it in a place with a lot of moisture.
Please do not use in water, including protection from rain, unless a special epoxy resin surface treatment is used.
The mutual impact of the magnets between the magnets may cause the plating or resin material to fall off.
Please be careful not to scratch the surface of the gold-plated, resin epoxy material.
Please do not touch the surface of the plating directly with your hands unless the surface treatment of special epoxy resin is used.
NdFeB magnets will deteriorate in high temperature environments (except for high temperature resistance)
Please use NdFeB magnet below 80 ˇăC, otherwise the magnetic properties of the magnet will be greatly reduced. Please refer to the catalog or related temperature characteristics, please note that the temperature should not be too high in the use or assembly of the magnet.

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