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AlNiCo permanent magnet, how much do you know?

Regarding the AlNiCo in the magnet, I think many of my friends have never heard of it, mainly because this kind of magnet is relatively small in our daily life, and there is not much natural contact. It is an alloy of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron and other trace metals. It has high energy, high induction, high residual magnetic flux density, good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
Types of AlNiCo permanent magnets
It can be mainly divided into two types: cast AlNiCo and sintered AlNiCo. The shape of cast AlNiCo magnets can be diversified and complicated. The mechanical dimensional tolerances of sintered AlNiCo can be controlled more precisely.
Application. Cast AlNiCo products are mainly used in automotive parts, instrumentation, elector-acoustics, motors, teaching, and aerospace and military.
Sintered AlNiCo is widely used in motors (now being replaced) instruments, communications, magnetoelectric switches and various sensors.
What shapes can Aluminium-NiCo magnets be processed into?
The shapes that can be produced are cylindrical, toroidal, cuboid, flat, tile, and horseshoe.

How do aluminum-nickel-cobalt permanent magnet materials be processed and produced?
Aluminium-nickel-cobalt permanent magnet materials have low mechanical strength, high hardness, brittleness, and poor machinability. Only a small amount of grinding or EDM can be processed during processing, and forging and other machining cannot be used.

its shortcomings:
The coercive force of AlNiCo is very low, usually less than 160 kA/m, its demagnetization curve is nonlinear, and the return line and demagnetization curve of AlNiCo permanent magnet do not coincide, so when designing and manufacturing the magnetic circuit of the device Pay special attention to its particularity, and the permanent magnet must be stabilized in advance. According to the low coercive force of the AlNiCo permanent magnet material, it is strictly prohibited from contacting any ferromagnetic material during use to avoid local irreversible demagnetization or distortion of the magnetic flux density distribution. In addition, in order to enhance its anti-demagnetization ability, the AlNiCo permanent magnet pole face is often designed to a long cylinder or rod shape.

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