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The main components of NdFeB are niobium and iron, which are prone to rust. Therefore, the NdFeB magnet must be surface coated. Surface chemical passivation is currently one of the best solutions. We have an advanced epoxy process that can meet the salt spray test for 500 to 1000 hours. NdFeB has a very high magnetic energy product and high force, and has the advantages of high energy density, high cost performance, and good mechanical properties. The disadvantage is that the magnetic transition point is low, the temperature characteristics are poor, and it is easy to be pulverized and corroded. Its chemical composition and surface treatment methods can be improved to meet the requirements of practical applications.
The field of application of strong magnetism? NdFeB is called "powerful magnet" because of its excellent magnetic properties. Also known as strong magnetism. Widely used in electronics, electrical machinery, medical equipment, toys, packaging, hardware machinery, aerospace and other fields, more common are permanent magnet motor, speaker, magnetic separator, computer disk drive, magnetic resonance imaging equipment and so on.
We are your trusted partner: everbeen magnet electronics has more than 10 years of professional R & D team, can provide a variety of performance materials, the company has strong production equipment capabilities, dozens of grinding machines, hundreds of fully automatic slicers, Hundreds of wire cutting machine tools, etc., convenient transportation, fast delivery of products. The main products are: various neodymium iron boron strong magnets, motor magnetic tiles, electric car magnets, motor components, planar multi-pole magnetization, radial cylinders, T-shape, ellipse, bread, concavo-convex and so on. On the surface treatment of NdFeB, it can be galvanized, nickel, environmentally friendly zinc, environmentally friendly nickel, nickel copper nickel, environmentally friendly nickel copper nickel, special epoxy and so on. We can process and produce irregular and irregular shaped magnetic products according to user requirements.

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