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Reed switch working principle and characteristics

Reed switch is also called magnetron. It is similar to Hall element, but its principle is different. It is a kind of switching element controlled by magnetic field signal. It can be used to detect the state of circuit or mechanical motion without magnetic disconnection.
The use of reed switches in sensitive environments often uses magnets to activate the reed switch. It is important to understand that this interaction is important to ensure proper sensor operation. The sensor may be used in normally open mode, normally closed mode or hold mode.
In the normally open mode, when a magnet is placed close to the reed switch (and vice versa), the reed will close and the reed will reopen after the magnet is removed. In the normally closed mode, the reed will open when a magnet is placed close to the reed switch, and the reed will reclose when the magnet is removed. In the hold mode, the reed may be in the normally open or normally closed state. When there is a magnet close to the reed switch, the reed will change their shape. If the initial shape is open, it will be closed now. When the magnet is removed, the reed will remain closed. At this time, the magnet with the magnetic polarity will change and the reed will open. When the magnet is removed, the reed will remain open. At this point, when the magnetic pole of the magnet is reversed and close to the reed switch, the switch will be closed again, and the magnet will remain closed after being removed, in which case the hold mode sensor or the stable sensor.
Permanent magnets are the most commonly used in reed switches. The method of use depends on the actual application. Commonly used permanent magnets are rare earth magnet, ferrite magnet, Cast AlNiCo magnet, Flexible rubber magnet. There are various shapes, such as Square magnets, round magnet, ring and tile magnet.

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