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What problems do you need to notice when using a powerful neodymium magnet?

The range of applications of magnets in everyday life is still relatively common. There are many types of magnets on the market, such as strong neodymium iron boron magnets, permanent magnet ferrites, alnico magnets, and the like. Nowadays, the performance of NdFeB magnets is still relatively good. A magnet that is still widely used in practical applications is a strong magnet. So what should you pay attention to when using a powerful magnet?

1. Working environment First of all, when using the Everbeen neodymium powerful magnet, care must be taken to ensure that the magnet is surrounded by a very good environment. Nowadays, the powerful magnet is still very promising in the market and is widely used. The most important thing to watch when working with magnets is to be neat and clean, because the Everbeen neodymium powerful magnets can't work properly in a relatively poor environment. Because it is not very absorbing for those iron filings or micro-sized particles, if the working environment is poor, the magnet will easily lose its magnetic properties, which will eventually shorten the service life, so it is strong to keep the working environment clean. One of the most important requirements of magnets.

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2. Indoor environment This is another important point. In general, when storing a powerful magnet, pay attention to the indoor environment, ensure that the air in the room is unblocked, and you can't choose a wet place for storage. Be sure to choose a dry environment. The powerful magnets are not only required for the working environment, but also for the indoor environment. Its indoor environment temperature can't exceed the working temperature of the magnet, and the products that are not electroplated can be properly oiled to prevent rust. Be sure to separate some sensitive magnets when storing the magnets. And the environment in which it is stored is to be standard.

Everbeen neodymium magnet

This is the problem that needs to be noticed in the process of using the Everbeen neodymium powerful magnet. It is actually an environmental problem. It is very important to ensure the cleanliness of the environment.

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