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Analysis of the price of NdFeB neodymium magnets

Why are the prices of magnets on the market not uniform, the same magnet specifications, but different prices, some people report high prices, some people report low, so many consumers are difficult to choose, do not know the high magnet price value is not worth This price, the use of low-priced magnets and fear of quality is too close, do not know if the ROHS EU certification, quality is not guaranteed, will always be troubled in the multiple-choice questions, I think the low price can make yourself more profit Often, many guests are looking for low-priced magnets. He doesn't think that there is a problem in the back. This is 95% of people who choose low-priced magnets to use.

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NdFeB neodymium magnet

First of all, the magnet with low price can really make the profit margin bigger. Now the market environment is not ideal. It is more difficult to do in one year than in the year. Unlike the previous Internet, it was not so transparent. It is not that you doní»t want to buy high-priced magnetic rings. The cost of oneself is very large. I have heard a lot of guest reactions before, and the order I received is still the unit price or processing fee ten years ago. Now the wages of workers and factory rents are rising every year. If you doní»t choose cheap materials, you caní»t do it. Production and support have gone on, so it is a last resort to choose a low-cost magnet. If you have a single profit, and the profit is considerable, you will definitely choose a high-quality magnetic ring.

Of course, following the market is not wrong, choose low-cost magnets to use, it is also true, mainly the production orders that they received back, the price is too low, and the wages of workers will rise every year, now people are very realistic, Most of them have no meaning to say. If you open a factory, the company will run where the salary is high, and whoever sells the low price will cooperate with anyone. This is beyond doubt.

The price of magnets is low and the quality is very low. Because the materials that are poor in themselves are much cheaper, there is an advantage in terms of cost. Only in this way can low-cost magnets (magnetic steel) be made, and in terms of production, it can save a lot of money. The process of manufacturing the magnets can be avoided, in order to reduce the cost of the magnets, and to minimize the price of the magnets. The high-quality magnetic ring is made of new materials, and the production process is all done. This is why the quality of the magnet is always so high.

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