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How does the neodymium magnet manufacturer keep the price of the magnet?

How does the magnet manufacturer keep the price of the magnet?

Everbeen Neodymium magnets have been in the magnet industry for many years. There are stories about the price of magnets and customers talking. There are too many stories. Now let's talk about how the Everbeen neodymium magnetmanufacturers keep the price of magnets.

No matter which industry you are engaged in, the buyers and sellers are not only looking at the products, but the price is a more sensitive topic. After all, if you buy a product, you will buy it because you have a demand or if you think it is meaningful to buy it. Manufacturers, using magnets to achieve the function of the product or using the principle of magnetic adsorption to replace the previously cumbersome screw fixing, etc., are of value to the user, so it is essential for some product magnets. The price of a product often determines the value you recognize him. Only if you recognize the value of a product, will you be willing to pay. When the smart machine was just popular, Apple and Samsung were very strong at that time, and the sales were very good. At that time, the price was paid to a person's salary of one month or even two months, but he would not buy it because he was expensive, because he had already recognized the value of that mobile phone.


Everbeen neodymium magnet manufacturerEngaged in magnet sales for many years, Everween neodymium magnet manufacturers have a habit until now, whether it is new customers or old customers when I quoted, I like to report the direct transaction price (of course, the old customers who order large orders are subject to preferential prices) First, the first Everfeen neodymium magnet manufacturers are not good at bargaining. Since childhood, they like to go to supermarkets and shopping malls. Because everyone buys the same price, there is no feeling of being fooled. At that time, online shopping is not popular. Second, in the process of bargaining is a waste of time, sometimes a psychological warfare, third, the current price is more transparent, if the price does not report according to their own product quality and positioning, it is not with their own. The price of the product I quoted must be the best price given to you in accordance with our various production and quality control. Most of our products will have repeated return orders, so from the moment we contact, I dont think about it with you. Do a business. Fourth, the boss said that when I first entered the company, it affected me. We only earned our processing fee. I don't want your salesperson to report the price very high, because the customer is also your friend, because trusting you will work with you!


Everbeen neodymium strong magnet manufacturerOf course, the human heart is like greedy little cheap, no matter how to quote the price to cut the price, the heart will be comfortable, including myself to buy things. This has caused many suppliers to add a little price that will make you comfortable on the basis of the original price. Also, the price is OK, and the price of this point that has long been comfortable for you has already been added. However, I am different. I have been insisting on reporting the transaction price. After I am familiar with it, I am more appreciative of this practice. Many of my clients, especially old customers, rarely have a counter-offer. Because I know my style of doing things, I will still explain some of the new customers. Why do some manufacturers offer cheaper prices for the same size? There are more ways to play, material factors, tolerance control, etc. However, we are determined not to lower the product requirements to get the order, because our target customer group is a little bit of demand for the product, only the price of the customer is not our target customer.

Everbeen neodymium magnet manufacturers are on the market, so in many cases I have the courage to say no, from the quality and value of the product trust!

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