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What are the magnetization methods for bonded NdFeB neodymium magnets?

    Today, I saw a friend searching for the magnetization method of bonding NdFeB neodymium. Presumably there are still friends who want to know, the following Carreci magnet Xiao Fu will share with you.


    The magnetization methods of bonded NdFeB neodymium magnets mainly include: axial magnetization, radial magnetization, outer diameter surface magnetization, inner diameter surface magnetization, oblique angle magnetization, plane magnetization, radiation magnetization, and the like.


    Regarding axial magnetization, radial magnetization has been mentioned many times before. Here is not to say, the radiation magnetic ring is magnetized, that is, the inner circle is all S, and the outer circle is N. The outer diameter surface of the crucible iron boron is magnetized, the inner diameter surface is magnetized, the oblique angle is magnetized, and the plane is magnetized.


    Inclined chargeThe above is about the magnetization method of bonding NdFeB neodymium

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