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Can a neodymium iron boron strong magnet absorb gold and silver?

The iron-boron magnetic magnet is a magical substance of the program, which will have certain attraction to the metal. This method can help netizens play a big role in daily life and work, such as salvaging the industry and sorting. Everbbeen's powerful neodymium iron boron magnets are available for work, radio applications, and more. With the development of Everbbeen magnet manufacturers, magnets with various specifications and performances have been designed to meet the needs of users. Magnets such as size, performance and surface coating can be customized according to user requirements. However, someone asked the Everbbeen magnet manufacturer today, saying that the powerful neodymium iron boron magnet can be gold and silver?
Figure source network, when it comes to strong NdFeB magnets, is it possible to absorb gold and silver? This is how the finished product of gold and silver is pure, for example: if a gold necklace or silver necklace has a purity of over 99% If you can't suck it, the magnet can't attract the gold and silver necklace, but the low-purity gold and silver necklace can attract it. The low-purity gold and silver necklace or finished product will be mixed with iron, and these iron will be magnetized. The attraction will be adsorbed, and if it is not iron, it will not be adsorbed.
Everbeen strong magnet manufacturer in this issue of "NdFeB magnets can absorb gold and silver?" It is said that this is over. To learn more about the powerful NdFeB magnets, please pay attention to Everbbeen magnets.

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