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Magnetization effect of strong neodymium iron boron magnet

Everbeen's powerful neodymium iron boron magnets have two methods of magnetizing objects:
First, the magnetic field generated by the current is used to demagnetize various magnetic materials.
2. Demagnetize various magnetic materials with the magnetic field of natural strong neodymium iron boron magnets and permanent magnets.
First, it will be magnetized because the atoms are arranged neatly, without causing the north pole and the guide pole energy to cancel each other. His principle is that the magnet will produce closed concentric magnetic lines of force to indirectly affect other substances.
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For example, two substances, iron and copper:
The iron is easily magnetized because the micro-magnetic field of the iron itself changes in the direction of the magnetic field line under the action of the external magnetic field, thereby generating a magnetic field in the same direction as the magnetic field line outside the magnet. The process in which the metal is sucked is a process in which the direction of internal electron rotation is forcibly changed;
Why is copper not easily magnetized? Because the outer electrons of copper are very unstable, they cannot maintain a stable magnetic field under the action of magnetic lines of force, so they cannot be sucked up. But if it seems that the energy is big enough, it can be sucked up. If an electromagnet is large enough, it seems that not only can it absorb iron, but many metals can be sucked up. The magnetism of a powerful magnet is so powerful.

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