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Neodymium Magnet Applications1.Sintered NdFeB magnet, NdFeB magnet, magnet, permanent magnet, strong magnet. 

2.Strong magnetism. 
3. Certificate: SGS
Shape: cylinder  Application: Industrial Magnet  Certificate: SGS  
1.Sintered NdFeB magnet. The strongest power magnets in all of the permanent magnets. Certificate: SGS
2.Material: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron
3.Grade: From N35 to N52; N35H to N48H; N35SH to N45SH; N30UH to N40UH; N30EH to N38EH. Also we can suggest the grade according to where the magnets will be used according to our customer’s request.
4.Advanced techniques: Utilizes new Sintered NdFeB magnet techniques and equipment such as strip casting, HDDR technology in our factory to allow us to make high performance NdFeB over N52 possible.
5.The Excellent strength value: the highest(BH)max reaches up to 51MGOe.
6.The Extremely Resistance to demagnetization with Hci, the intrinsic coercive force is over 30000 Oe.
7.The moderate temperature stability, their working stability is under 80 degree centigrade for low Hci for NdFeB magnet and above 200 degree centigrade for high Hci NdFeB magnet.
8.Various shapes and sizes or according to customer’s request. Also we can design the size for customer’s request.
9.Effective Surface treatment to prevent corrosion, such Nickel coating(Ni-Cu-Ni coating); Zinc coating, silver coating, tin coating, epoxy coating, chemical, parylene and so on.
10.Widely used in different applications, such as sensors, Motors, rotors, wind turbines/ wind generators, loudspeakers, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, fitters automobiles and so on.
11.The quality control: we have our large and expert quality control department and we ensure the magnets from our factory are in high quality.
12.We will provide our customers the test report and BH curves for each item magnets, and also we can do the PCT test, salt spray test report, aging test report and provide the test report and so on according to our customer’s request.
13.We have a bigger NdFeB manufactory in Ningbo city of Zhejiang province, and a smaller manufactory in Shenzhen city of Guangdong province in which our office locates. Welcome you come to our factory anytime.

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