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Product characteristics and introduction of bonded neodymium magnet

Bonded neodymium magnet is composed of a special form of neodymium powder with a plastic carrier material. They have lower energy product than Sintered neodymium magnet. Very complicated shapes can be produced in Bonded neodymium magnet with very close dimensions.


Manufacturing Process

Bonded neodymium magnet is produced by a special form of neodymium powder blended with a plastic carrier material, die pressed and then heated. Parts made in this way can be of complex shapes and come off the tools with close tolerances, requiring no further finish machining.


Bonded neodymium magnet is easily machined. Coolants must be used while machining this material in order to avoid spontaneous combustion of powder. Machining this material is to remove a layer of protective coating, and re-coating for corrosion resistance may be necessary.

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