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uses of magnets in medicine

According to ancient Chinese inscriptions were "led stones used in acupuncture treatments. Hindu scriptures also refer to the use of magnets in surgical applications. The Greeks and Egyptians used them to cure various diseases. Ancient doctors described how magnets had the ability to melancholy, arthritis, and cure baldness.

Nowadays tectonic magnets by many athletes to relieve pain. They are placed on the inner soles of shoes, and are designed in such a way that contact with the acupuncture points present on the soles of the feet would make. There are several other applications such as magnetic mattresses that claim to cure insomnia. However, these applications are considered pseudo-scientific and are no scientific studies to back their claims.

Magnets are also used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology. MRI is a very useful diagnostic tool and is used when the patient wishes to prevent the side effects of radiation as a result of X-ray imaging. MRI scan produces more detailed images, and is used for the evaluation of soft tissues.

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